The trilogy of MisseMao - Part 2 -Evil awakening


Nu kommer äntligen det ni väntat på... Ni som inte läst del 1 än, kan göra det här. Bara så ni vet, det är en sann historia..

The trilogy of MisseMao - Part 2 - Evil awakening

The sun shined upon the lonely cat, sitting by it's lonely house. MisseMao where satisfied with her first plauge in this world and was already planning her next michevious step. One day wandering in the nearby forest she met a lady. It was not a fair lady but an old, ugly and scary one. We may know this creatures as a witch. The witch begun speaking with the little cat, who was not afraid of the nasty lady standing in front of her.
"Now listen up! MisseMao, I bring a message from your father. Thou must leave this world and travel far away on a long journey beyond those stars u see at night. Your path in life is already destinied and the evil that follows with you must be spread all over the other worlds. Your work here is done and I will put a spell on u, so don't be afraid my little friend. When u wake up a brave new world will lay in front of yer eyes"
Within a blink of an eye MisseMao was put asleep by the witch and what seemed like a few seconds of sleep for her was a billion of years for u and me. At the time she woked up she was surrounded by other cats and even humans. The other cats ran around her and played and the humans where lifting her and talking to her and that atmosphere of happiness only arose the evil inside her.
On one shiny day, sixtysix days and six hours after the awakening in the new world, MisseMao was taken away by a young couple. At this moment of happiness for them they where unaware of the great evil and danger that was kept inside the cat. Unaware of the terror to come. But the happiness didn't last to long. On the ride home their neverending nightmare begun. The sun eclipsed, a great snowfall begun and it became so cold that even Hell freezed over. The cat just laughed and from her mouth a filthy stench arosed that poisened the air in the car. The young couple where petrified but the cat only starred at them, cold and without presence. But inside the flames of Hell was burning and her laughter echoed in her empty heart. Her mission to drive theese two humans into great insanity had begun. The sun shone once again and warmed the earth, the ice melted and evereything around was just like before, as if the last minuties never existed.
The journey to the young couples mansion continued and there was already nighttime over the little town when they finally arrived. Once arrived inside the mansion MisseMao pulled her sunglasses up, lit a cigarett, took a look at the watch n' said with an evil smile: "Two minutes to midnight".

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