The trilogy of Missemao Part 1 - The Rise of Evil


En berättelse i tre delar om missemao, vår katt.

Once upon a time there was a cat in a land far far away. So far away I presume u never even heard about it before. The little cat was living in a little little village in the outskirts of the little little village. The cat was as normal as all the other cats that lived in the little little village but there was one thing that differed her from the other little little cats. She was the offspring of the almighty Satan. The other cats had a little little problem with her relationship with her father. The other cats where strongly followers of the Lord. We also know him as God.
God n' Satan wheren't the best buddies in the universe n' that made it very hard for the little little cat to stay in the village. The cat was not a lookalike to her father but one thing she had get from Him was Evil. She was pure Evil. She is the dark in the night, she's the danger in sex, she's the rain in the summer, she's the agony in life, she's the pain in your soul ,she's the cancer in life, she's the content of Evil. Her name is MisseMao.
U might think she's a cute little cat with whiskers and paws and big cute eyes at the first look, but u better look twice! She's got canine theeth that's the size of a tiger's. She's as dangerous as an atom-bomb. Her purpose on this easrth is to destroy it. She IS the apocalypse. The Holy Bible describe her as the four horsemen. She will bring u down with the rest of the world, it's only a matter of time.
There was a sunny day n' MisseMao was out in her garden to harvest her carrots one day when suddenly a great rainfall begun. Have u ever seen the rain coming down a sunny day? No, me neither. And with the rain followed a great storm that swept the whole village away from the surface of the earth. But one little house stood standing. It was the house of MisseMao. She was the only inhabitant left in the village when the sky cracked open and the sun burst down. Missemao put her sunglasses on n' lit a ciggaret sayin; "Back in yer face, I'm the new sheriff in town"

Postat av: Camilla Aggeborn

Ha en trevlig dag babe. En regnig dag är inte det perfekt för bio? Här kan du få gratis biobiljetter

2008-07-21 @ 11:57:45
Postat av: Jessica

vad menar du med det?

2008-07-21 @ 13:33:58
Postat av: s h o p a h o l i c m a m m a n

åhh så söt katt

2008-07-21 @ 20:09:43

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